Father's House Ghana started as a way to reach out to children in Ghana, to show them love and compassion and to help address physical and spiritual needs alike. It didn’t take long for us to develop a heart for this entire community—not just the little ones, but their parents, as well. Father's House Ghana has grown considerably since 2011 to offer a number of services to the community at large… and that includes the community’s business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Community Support Funding

Specifically, we are pleased to empower local entrepreneurs with the provision of community support funding. When someone comes to us with an idea to launch a viable new business—one that can provide long-term stability for the entrepreneur and his or her family, and to spark economic activity here in the local community—we can sometimes provide the funding necessary to turn that idea into a reality.


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We are thrilled to be helping some of our neighbors start small businesses! By assisting them with start-up costs and overseeing day-to-day operations in the beginning phases, we are giving them the opportunity to improve the lives of their families and provide necessary services in our community.

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To date, we have provided for the physical needs of a number of local startups. We have provided a wood-burning oven for drying and smoking fish to be sold at market, as well as a roadside storefront and initial stock of non-perishable goods to sell in the neighborhood. We were also proud to assist a young lady with the purchase of retail goods in bulk to sell from her new, at-home business. We look forward to additional opportunities to empower those who have a clear plan to support themselves and their families here in Ghana.


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