A Christian non-profit devoted to supporting families in Ghana, Father's House Ghana has risen from humble beginnings to become a key provider of community resources to men, women, and children. In addition to a home for kids, we also provide healthcare offerings, scholarships, community support funding, clean drinking water, and more. Through the support of our donors, we believe that we can continue to make a bigger and bigger impact on communities throughout Ghana, showering them with the love and compassion of God.


Our History

We have roots that go back all the way to 1999, when our founders first trekked through Ghana without any clear idea of what difference they could ultimately make there. All they knew was that God was leading them there for a reason—and once they arrived in Ghana, they began to see what that reason was. Disease, lack of education, dirty water, poverty—there were any number of issues facing kids and families; we felt an immediate calling to show love and support to this neglected area, which is how Father's House Ghana came about.

We began leading Bible studies and prayer times for kids in the area, all while commencing construction on a new orphanage. We nurtured the 300+ kids who attended with Christian love and compassion, and we taught them about the Bible while also ensuring that their physical needs were being met. We received seven acres of oceanfront land on which to base our facilities, but as our orphanage neared completion we realized that an orphanage alone was not going to be enough to meet the needs of the local community.

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Father's House Ghana Today

We are proud of the fact that our home now offers shelter and daily care for many local kids, but we are equally proud of the other ways in which Father's House Ghana has grown. We are continually expanding and reaching out to serve those in our community and beyond in a variety of ways.

We have also grown beyond the orphanage to boast a number of other key initiatives. Because clean drinking water in Ghana is so scarce, we have started digging community wells. We provide a range of medical services to help those who are afflicted with malaria and other maladies. We have invested in education, and empower many young boys and girls through scholarship and apprenticeship opportunities. We also provide community support funding to local men and women who want to open their own businesses.


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You may have noticed symbols on some of our pages. In Africa, these are called Andikras and are visual symbols that describe a specific idea or represent a concept. We’ve created a reference guide below explaining what these symbols represent, and how they tie into the Father's House Ghana mission and goals.

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    EBAN means “fence”— Traditionally in Ghana, a home surrounded by a fence is seen as an ideal residence. As the fence separates and secures the family from the outside, it provides safety and protection to those within its walls. Father’s House Ghana exists as a place of refuge from the harsh realities our resident children have experienced in the world. Within our walls, the security that can only be found through the love of God creates an ideal environment to foster healing, growth and self-confidence in the children who call Father's House Ghana “home.” You can find this symbol on the homepage and is the logo for Father's House Ghana.
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    BOA ME NA ME MMOA WO means “help me and let me help you.” It is a symbol of cooperation and interdependence. You can find this symbol on the projects page.
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    WOFORO DUA PA A comes from an expression meaning “When you climb a good tree, you are given a push”. It is a symbol of the support, cooperation and encouragement you get from others when you are working for a good cause. This symbol is used in reference to supporting Father's House Ghana.
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    AYA means “fern” and is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness in the face of adversity. This symbol would only make sense to be a part of our shop page.
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    NKONSONKONSON means “chain link” and is a symbol that strength is found in unity as we help others. This symbol is part of our blog page.