Father's House Ghana was initially conceived as an orphanage, a place to provide shelter and belonging to kids who would otherwise not have these things. As we immersed ourselves in the Ghana community, however, we quickly realized that the needs here go much deeper than we first thought, and that a children’s home alone would not be sufficient to meet the needs on the ground. As such, we have expanded our dream to include a wide range of services to the community—including health and medical services.

Medical Aid in Ghana

There are a number of factors that combine to make Ghana a particularly disease-affected place - not the least of which is the limited access to clean drinking water. Malaria especially is a major concern in the local community. In an effort to meet these healthcare challenges head-on, and to provide better quality of life for local kids and families, we have some medical professionals on the ground to supply a range of healthcare services to those in need.

These services come in different forms, beginning with the provision of netting, which is invaluable protection against disease-carrying mosquitos and other insects. We are also able to offer medical testing to those who are experiencing healthcare concerns, and we also deliver medication where applicable. A variety of other clinical needs are met, as well, including basic examinations, first aid services, and more.


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Our Mission in Ghana

These healthcare offerings are best understood in the context of our broader vision - something that also includes shelter, education, and even entrepreneurial empowerment for our neighbors here. Quite simply, we are here to meet real-world needs, addressing them with the love of God as seen through these practical gifts and physical considerations. We pray that our healthcare services will lead to better lives for many here - especially children.


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